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∞ About Sheta ♥
I'm Senior Managing Editor of Rending the Veil online occult webzine and archive, which I founded with Nicholas Graham (author of The Four Powers). The first issue premiered December 2006. Some excellent people are involved, including authors Donald Tyson and Assistant Managing Editor Gerald del Campo, and newer faces on the writing scene, Taylor Ellwood, Lupa, and Nick whom I already mentioned.

I am an editor for Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press (main offices are in the UK). I am also in the midst of writing my first non-fiction work for Megalithica, entitled "Spirit Companions" (working title). See why, below.

I met my spirit companion, Meridjet, in 1994 and I thought I'd lost my mind. Despite my involvement in the occult since puberty and the fact that I was, by then, 33 years old, this was something I'd never heard of and which put me in fear of my sanity. Eventually I found my way online and in 1999 when our relationship took new form I started trying in earnest to find others with similar situations. The search was mostly a failure. I met author Donald Tyson and a couple of other people but nothing really panned out. So I elected to start my own group to hopefully attract others to me.

The first community I formed languished in relative obscurity for a couple of years. Then for reasons unknown it suddenly exploded into a frenzy of activity as people seemed to emerge from the proverbial woodwork. By then I was on LiveJournal and was finally convinced by a friend to create the community there. People found the first community via the second, it all snowballed, and now collectively there are several hundred people involved. Not a huge number but it's considerable growth in a short time for an obscure issue.

To top it all off, I am a skeptic at heart and have a fondness for evidence. This is not to say I've never made a mistake, never projected anything, never been fooled by someone faking evidence or validation. But I keep very good records, of which this journal is one, and I never purge them or edit them (except to make a formerly visible entry private or vice versa) to reflect a change in attitude, as I feel that this is dishonest and invalidates the record. I like to be able to see my progress, and to know where I've made mistakes in the past, as well as to review my successes.

Being a skeptic means that I'm not going to swallow anyone's story immediately. I do, however, try to keep an open mind unless you trigger my bullshit alarms in a serious way. My empathy is excellent and I can read energy signatures directly, via video, via email, via chat, and via proxy (meaning I can read an SC via their human partner). I cannot read energy via chat on cell phones, via photo (or not well), or via telephone (not well). I am extremely sensitive, but I have definitely been fooled by people who've trained themselves to work with empathics. This is rapidly changing as I study to regain my edge.

I am open-minded, again, and willing to stretch my paradigm. I have no issues whatsoever with people living their own lives as they see fit, including embracing whatever delusions rock their boats, but I will only stretch my operative paradigm as seems warranted by my personal growth... however it happens regularly, and I like to think of myself as generally flexible.

I welcome contact and will help in any way I can but keep in mind that I do have personal boundaries and I will maintain them, and that I am very busy a great deal of the time. If you want to contact me, please do -- but realize that I can be as absent-minded as anyone (even worse!) and that I may require a nudge, or I may not have time to chat with everyone every day, and so forth. Patience is extended but also required in return.

∞ About Meridjet ♥
Meridjet is a dead guy of some repute. He is very charming and sure of his own attractiveness, and somehow these qualities combine in the most delicious (rather than annoying) way. He is very wise yet very approachable; don't hesitate to tap us on IM.

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Friends Only

If you are on the inner circle of the Meridjet relationship situation (i.e. if you were on that LiveJournal account), add [info]meridjet. If Meridjet feels you are safe, you'll be added to that account.

If I don't know you, add this account first, and we'll see how it goes before adding more accounts. To read me off IJ, don't bother with LiveJournal; choose one or all of these:

My spirit companion RSS feed, fed via spirit This is the only place you can find regular updates besides this journal. You can sign up for the feed at LJ ("meridjetfeed"), IJ ([info]meridjet_feed, or at your favorite RSS reader.

My Twitter.
My deviantART account.

My Library Thing account.
My LinkedIn account.
My Stumble Upon account.
My Facebook account.

My Wish List

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And bye again.

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Don't delete this account

I didn't pay for a permanent account to have it deleted. Thanks.

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I See

Wow, that much, huh?

Is anyone still here, using this site?

Have you folks heard about Dreamwidth? I just heard about it.

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Oh yeah, there's a journal here

So. What'd I miss?

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My primary journal posts can be read on your friends page by adding [info]meridjet_feed. That journal gets updated far more often than this IJ. If you are a friend or otherwise want to read me, please add that account to your friends list. Thank you.

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Head's Up

I just posted an Iron Man review. See it on [info]meridjet_feed or at :)

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Beltane Issue is Live!

The Beltane issue of Rending the Veil is now live. You can view it here. We have content from Taylor Ellwood and Lupa, Donald Tyson, Gerald del Campo, and several new writers. We have feature articles, fiction, art that will blow your mind, columns and book reviews! Don't miss it!

Sorry I haven't been around. HUGELY busy. I haven't been reading either. Email me or leave a comment if you need me to see anything.

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I sort of let it all hang out

I'm very proud of this post. I impressed myself. So I had to share.

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Mississippi says: "Get your fat ass out of that McDonald's!"

Originally from several people, via [info]elfwreck

Mississippi is considering House Bill 282--Description: Food establishments; prohibit from serving food to any person who is obese.

The upshot: "Any food establishment... shall not be allowed to serve food to any person who is obese, based on criteria prescribed by the State Department of Health.... The State Department of Health shall prepare written materials that describe and explain the criteria for determining whether a person is obese...."

Penalty for non-compliance? Losing their restaurant operating permit.

One blog says that anyone with a BMI of 30 or higher will be considered "obese," but I haven't been able to track that down in MI law. (Calculate your BMI. Note the utter lack of mitigating factors, like "disease," or "muscle tone," or "pregnancy.")

Does anyone--I mean, ANYONE--think that it would somehow "cure" the "obesity crisis" in the US by refusing to allow us to eat in public? (I say "us," because according to the chart, my BMI is 32.)

My BMI is 36. My daughter is the same height, 30 lbs heavier, and her BMI is 41. Egad. According to the above site, I was underweight at 95 lbs, at the bottom end of normal at 105 (which I think is my ideal weight, really), and at the top end of normal at 135 (which gives me a paunch). I weigh 207 at current. I qualify as fat in pretty much anyone's book.

How can they pass such a blatantly discriminatory law? What's next? "Sorry, you're butt-ugly, you aren't allowed to buy that dress / makeup / suit /tie. It's illegal. Go to K-Mart, before you make me hurl."

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New spirit companions feed

Announcing my new RSS feed:
Spirit, which has been largely useless for the last few years, has been converted to my new blog and RSS feed, specifically for information regarding my relationship with Meridjet. The regular feed has drifted off topic quite a bit, so I've utilized this wasted space on for a new feed with more meat and more intimate details. Add it now. :)

Spirit Companions RSS Feed

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Tom Cruise is insane

Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video that is making the rounds. This guy is off his nut, officially. Mark Morford of the San Francisco Gate has this to say:

" Set up that nifty little Flip Video camera you got for Christmas just over there next to your couch. Now, plop yourself down in front of it and have a friend sit just off to the side and then both of you slam about nine shots of vodka followed by nine more of extra-strong espresso and then hit the "Record" button as she begins to question you about your deepest beliefs on How the World Really Works, and you answer them employing only tense, cryptic bursts of pseudo-lingo that make sense only to you and the houseplants, all while making sure you suddenly burst out laughing as maniacally as possible at random intervals and never ever blink. Won't that be fun?

And then you can compare. You can go back to your computer and re-watch the now-famous Tom Cruise Scientology video currently winging across the planet like a wacky Ebola virus, and contrast it with your swell little video and go: See? See that? No matter how hard I try, no matter how weird I think I am and no matter how heavily my therapist sighs every time I bring up my love of Shania Twain and banana sandwiches and "Battlestar Galactica" collectibles, I am not nearly as insane as Tom Cruise. Life is going to be OK. "

The rest is here, and the video is here. Evidently you can't embed video on InsaneJournal...

Crossposted from my Blogger.

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New Rending the Veil RSS Feed

Rending the Veil now has an RSS feed. Add it here on IJ at [info]rending_feed, or add it to your favorite reader with this link: :)


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Call for writers

Rending the Veil occult webzine is putting out a general call for all writers interested in submitting pertinent, well-written material for our magazine. We are in need of regular contributors and contributors who only intend to submit when the mood strikes them. Anyone exhibiting a consistently readable style and reliable interest will be offered a regular column after a few submissions. If you've never published (or even "e-published"), that's not a problem... just send your submission to our forgiving Senior Editor (me) for a look and if it's not up to par, I'll make suggestions to help you get it there. Only the most willfully ignorant and illiterate are beyond help. ;-) Oh, and maybe the really, really full-of-yourself jerks who know everything, but they're busy hanging out a alt.magick anyway.

Also, we are in serious need of content editors, copy editors, and, above all, coders with a knowledge of CSS. PHP is preferred but we can play with templates and get by. What is required is the ability to follow instructions for maintaining a consistent editing style across the 'zine, reliability, and the oh-so-precious abilities to take gentle criticism and meet deadlines. If this is you, please type an email as fast as your darling little fingers can fly and send it to sheta @, and I will rain work like manna upon your eager, upturned brow. Or something. And you'll even get your name in print, if not exactly lights.

Waste no time. Go forth and spread this message, and do your part to see to it that I'm drowning in submissions and people looking for a coveted, unpaid but appreciated, position with the 'net's premier magical webzine. (Well, we hope. Eventually.) They, or you, can rub shoulders with famous writers and stuff. They, or you, could be the next big thing. Who can say?

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In the spirit of the season

Happy Holidays.
Happy Yule.
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
Happy Giftmas
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy New Year
and Happy whatever else I've evidently forgotten.
Happy Everything.

On the bright side, only one old man has corrected my chosen expression of "Happy Holidays," with a firm "Merry Christmas! That's the right way to say it!" To which I replied, "Yes sir! Merry Christmas!" just so he'd get out of the way so I could keep doing my job.

And for all you Scrooges™ out there, and you folks who spend the season in deep depression -- I hope it passes with a minimum of stress and distress for you all. Try to find some cheer in the lights, or give a blanket to a homeless person. You'll feel a bit better, for a while.

Take care.

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Recipe: Heart Attack in a Bowl Salad

AKA Wilted Bacon Salad

2 heads green leaf lettuce or red-tip leaf lettuce
2 scallions (green onions) or more, to taste
1 pound (not real lean) bacon (we use two, on occasion, but there is bacon left over)

Fry bacon in a large skillet until crisp. The goal is to leech all of the fat out of the bacon and get it into the pan. While bacon is frying, wash and chop lettuce and scallions. Remove crisp bacon from pan and drain on paper towels. Allow to cool to the touch.

Divide lettuce into two large bowls, or more if your appetite is pathetically small or you intend this as a side salad. Add scallions. Crumble 6 or 8 pieces of bacon, adding half to each bowl. Then, and this is the part that is going to freak you out...

...pour scalding hot bacon grease over each salad, allowing the grease to wilt the salad. Be generous, because it will pool in the bottom and it's not like you're going to eat what pools.

Eat, and moan in ecstasy. Follow with a week of strict dieting to make up for the caloric intake. lol

We had this today, and last time we made it was probably three years ago.

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Brad Fitzpatrick isn't all that

A post by LJ's Insomnia detailing his experience with LJ and his views on Brad and the current issues, including this remark in comments:

To put it bluntly, I don't think Brad has ever been an effective representative. Perhaps someone can reply to this with several examples where Brad was proactive about standing up for LJ users. I doubt it though. He really, really has a hard time dealing with people's concerns, and oftentimes dismisses them outright. That's certainly what he did in the case of 6A and advertising. Infact, he played an active role in advocating that LJ adopt advertising, despite LJ's longstanding promise not to do so.

I agree that Brad has never proven himself willing to fight for the users, and I really think that supporting him or feeling relieved that he's backing SUP is naive.

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Moving in

I'm moving in, and setting up to leave LiveJournal due to increasing instability there and a general distaste (loathing) for Six Apart. Feel free to add me, particularly if I knew you there.

I've formed a bunch of communities to grab the names or to migrate from LJ. Stay tuned for updates on that.

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*poke* add please

and me, if you haven't yet:

Sheta Kaey [userpic]
A must read for my friendst

A short comic about Crohn's Disease. So you can know something of what it's like to be me.

I never had the tube down my throat to feed myself, or had to have daily enemas, but the rest is pretty right on. The comic is not graphic, reference to enemas notwithstanding. Thanks to [info]shehasathree for the link.

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